Beaded Lace Fabrics

Beaded Lace Fabrics could be your first choice If you want to make your dress gorgeous and fashionable. It improves the wearer's appearance or status and motivates current garment design trends. It usually contains 96% Poly and 4 % Spandex, and it can be stretched in 2 dimensions that make it easy and simple to wear. 

One can call them exclusive, as it takes a long time to sew the beads on them. Artistry, elegant weaving, and high dressmaking all have their origins here.

It is suitable for special occasions, dresses, prom, sweet sixteens, ceremonies, parties, weddings. 

Fabrics World USA has a wide range of collections of Beaded Lace like 

  • Audrey (RED), 

  • Gold (Greek), 

  • Edged Scallop (Turquoise), 

  • Swirls border (Black), 

  • Leafs (Burgundy), Butterfly Red, 

  • RayVaughn Albino, Hand beaded lace (white) and many more.

Fabrics World USA, based in New York City, is one of the best fabric stores in the USA, offering customers high-quality products of this kind at a low price. Depending on the origin, form, and quality, the price per yard ranges from $25 to $250.